Claus Larsen

The works that I do have their origin in form, function and material. They are experiments.
I try to understand the nature of things, to enhance, or maybe even to change it. I engage with the laws and principals of nature, and then try to break or accelerate them. With a background in technical construction, I draw my inspiration from science, mathematics, industrial machines and physical phenomenons. This, of course, has a very distinctive influence on the aesthetics of my objects. My materials are common phenomenons, such as light, sound, movement, vibrations. In my constructions, I try to find the optimal functional form that allows me to execute my experiments. My choice of material is also a functional and practical one. Normally used in industrial production, metal, motors and electrical equipment underline my objects’ physical presence in space. The works often have a near brutal presence. A physical interference always referring to the personal space of the viewer.